A design framework for approximately 3000 dwellings on the former Hobsonville airbase, covering 167 hectares, was arrived at through a collaborative design process with Isthmus Group Ltd. The Buckley precinct of 60 hectares was chosen to be the first of several precincts to be developed into a full master plan.

Construkt prepared a series of house typologies that informed the neighbourhood block make up. This produced a distinctive semi-lattice street pattern for the masterplan. Key design features are: connectedness, varying built density to respond to key locations, a hierarchy of street types and variety of architectural form.

Construkt have since further developed all housing typologies to allow the client and developer partner to evaluate the feasibility of the project.

In 2009, Construkt were engaged by Universal Homes Ltd to prepare a comprehensive land-use and subdivision consent application for 47 lots within the Buckley Precinct. Since this engagement, Construkt have gone on to design a further 137 houses within seven Buckley precinct superlots for Universal.

At the end of 2010, Construkt, in joint venture with Isthmus, were engaged to design the Sunderland precinct as part of a comprehensive development plan (CDP) that has now been approved by Auckland Council. Regular workshops that included scenario planning and testing were held right from the outset of the design process, as well as a study tour to Sydney to view comparable developments. The design team evaluated what worked and what could be improved from the earlier Buckley Precinct as well as challenging conventional development controls and developing new rules that enable more efficient use of land, making the resulting masterplan more commercially viable and market attractive.